When Young Lives are at Stake – Emergency Operations Planning for Schools

presented by Michael Dorn, Chris Dorn or Russell Bentley

Typical presentation times range from one hour to two full days (two day versions include a plan development work session

Learn why most school emergency operations plans fail when tested by a major crisis and more importantly learn how to develop viable plans under the U.S. Department of Education and Jane’s models.  Considered by many to be the most advanced session of its type anywhere, this fast-paced and information-packed session will examine the key role of education, public safety and emergency management personnel during major incidents.  The presentation also teaches how to plan for incidents involving buses, special events and examines specific antiterrorism considerations.

Intended audiences:

  •     School administrators
  •     School transportation directors
  •     School security officers
  •     Law enforcement officers
  •     Public safety personnel involved with school safety
  •     School board members and elected officials
  •     Emergency management and homeland security professionals

“Michael Dorn and Safe Havens did a great job working to make Helena Schools safer.  Their work affected lasting positive change here.”

    Joe Furshong
Central Office Administrator
Helena, Montana Public Schools