Mr. Jack – Removing the Fear Barrier to Improve School Climate and Raise Test Scores

Can be presented only by Michael Dorn

Typical presentation time is 25 minutes to one hour, but this presentation is best delivered in conjunction with other topics.

A decade of research by the California Department of Education shows that safer schools have higher test scores. This session will turn that research into easy to apply yet effective action steps.  The session will illustrate the incredible power that the many heroes in our schools and in our society have to remove the incredible barrier of fear, ease the pain and support children and youth.  Using a unique blend of pictures, video and memorable stories to punctuate his points, Michael Dorn will demonstrate the simple yet powerful things educators and their community partners can do to protect, heal and support children that are sometimes more powerful than the most expensive security devices. Michael will show how Mr. Jack taught him more in a five minute conversation than he learned in a master’s program or in three months at the FBI National Academy. Most importantly, he will demonstrate how every advocate for the children can wield just as much power as Mr. Jack to help children and youth succeed.

Intended audiences:

  • School administrators
  • Teachers
  • School support staff
  •  School mental health professionals
  • Youth service organization staff and volunteers
  • Public safety personnel involved with school safety
  • School board members and elected officials

 What attendees had to say:

        “Michael’s ability to connect with students, faculty and staff is remarkable.  His presentation conveys a caring, compassionate and sincere connection to every member of his audience.  Michael’s concern for the safety of students is genuine.  Michael Dorn is the best provider of inspiration and motivation that I have witnessed in my 30 years in education.”

    Dr. Jerrill Vandeventer
    The Greater Jasper Schools Corporation
    Jasper, Indiana
        “Michael Dorn’s standing ovation keynote presentation for the 2005 North Carolina D.A.R.E. Officer’s Association was powerful. His extensive work with my school district and community has had a profound impact on the safety of children in Jones County Schools.”

    Chief Shawn Williams
    Jones County North Carolina Public Schools Police Department