About Us

As the world’s leading international non-profit campus safety center, Safe Havens International is committed to helping schools and school systems improve crisis preparedness and campus safety. For over 10 years, our team has worked with schools on national and international levels in planning, coordinating, and evaluating a wide range of school crisis simulations. Safe Havens analysts are passionate advocates for children, educators and schools who view improvements in school safety, security and emergency preparedness as powerful tools for school improvement.


Our team of international experts and published school safety book authors offers credentialed experience unequalled by any for-profit school safety consulting firm in the world. We have published more books on school safety, worked in more countries, authored more school safety web courses and produced more school safety training videos than any ten for-profit school safety consulting firms in the world – combined. If you closely compare credentials, you will see that Safe Havens analysts have solid backgrounds in the field.


As the world’s leading international non-profit campus safety center, the Safe Havens approach is dramatically different from for-profit school safety consulting firms.  The primary motivation of our analysts and our organization is not revenue generation.

  • Our analysts do not push services on clients and do not attempt to create long-term dependency for our clients.  Because our primary motivation as an organization is not profit generation, our references will attest that we routinely steer our clients to free resources.
  • Our analysts focus on the creation of sustainable programs for our clients through an emphasis on creating internal safety and emergency management expertise in our client’s organization. We do not attempt to create long-term dependency by pushing our clients for multi-year contracts for services.


Our analysts in close collaboration with our clients to develop practical and effective solutions designed to create lasting and positive change.  We emphasize a community-based approach, incorporating the skills, knowledge and abilities of local public safety and community partners as well as human resources within the client’s organization.


Our analysts have more global experience than any other school safety firm.  We’ve worked in over two dozen countries and we are well versed in the latest global and national trends in school safety.  What we have learned working in Asia, Central America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, Canada, and of course, around the United States, can help make schools safer anywhere in the world.


Our passion for school safety and our extensive formal backgrounds in the fields of school safety, school crisis planning, school security, public health, anti-terrorism and school crisis response and recovery is unmatched by any for-profit school safety consulting firm in the world.  Do you want an idea of how much we love what we do? Every full time analyst working for Safe Havens International has been with us since our inception, with no turnover since 2000.


Safe Havens International Inc.
An IRS Approved Non-profit School Safety Center