School Buses and Terrorism

Can be presented by Michael Dorn or Chris Dorn

Typical presentation times from one to two hours

Based on the presentation Innocent Targets – When Terrorism Comes to School and Their book by the same title, this presentation is focused on terrorism and school buses and specific antiterrorism measures for pupil transportation.  Michael and Chris Dorn have received high marks when presenting this program for national and state pupil transportation conferences as well as for individual school districts around the nation.

Intended audiences:

  • School administrators
  • School bus drivers, route supervisors and transportation directors
  • School security officers
  • Law enforcement officers
  • Public safety personnel involved with school safety
  • School board members and elected officials
  • Emergency management and homeland security professionals


“Michael Dorn presented at the Crisis Prevention Institute’s (CPI) International Instructors Conference as a keynote speaker. Michael was extremely attentive to our needs and the issues our conference attendees were facing. His keynote presentation was extremely powerful. Mike has a wonderful presentation style and held the audience attention every moment of his presentation. Mike’s sessions on school safety received very high ratings from participants. He was well prepared and organized.  We have invited Michael to return for other presentations which were just as well received.  If it is important to your organization to have a presenter who is interested in what you do and customizes a presentation for your audience, Michael Dorn would be an excellent choice.” 

Judith Schubert
Crisis Prevention Institute, Inc