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Use the below form to contact Safe Havens International with school safety comments, questions or booking requests. We strongly recommend that clients reserve dates with us as far in advance as possible. Our analysts are often booked out 3-4 months in advance for school safety training and school security assessments. We offer discounts for multiple days booked consecutively, and for booking multiple speakers or services.

Be as specific as possible and we can tailor a course or series of staff training courses to best fit your needs, or tell us which course outline you were interested in (for example if you need active shooter training for teachers or school safety training for bus drivers). While we do have a standard set of services that we provide, each project is customized, from a one-hour keynote presentation or staff training session to a multi-year assessment and plan development project. We have worked with clients ranging from small (for example independent and charter schools) to large (state agencies & major urban districts with hundreds of schools). With each project we provide not only our expertise but our attention to detail and willingness to listen and work together with you to come up with the right solution for you, whether it is an idea that will take you to the next step or a detailed assessment of your emergency preparedness.

We are happy to accommodate your specific needs, including multiple sessions for a large number of employees, training multiple districts at one time or whatever else you may need to gain maximum value from our services.

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