Looking for our groundbreaking research on school violence and emergency preparedness? Check out our articles and research paper section: Articles & Research Papers

Looking for Chris Dorn’s Concealed Weapons demonstration video? See our Video Resources

This school safety resource library contains a variety of tools that can be helpful when working to create safer schools. There are several free resources available for download as well as training materials that schools and educational facilities can use to create a safer space and a secure school environment for learning. The Weapons Demonstration video featuring Chris Dorn is often helpful to show the importance of a new dress code policy, as well as to help train staff on ways to look for someone that is carrying a weapon.  The Tactical Site Survey Template is an extremely helpful tool we use to evaluate the overall safety & warmth of a school (the two are closely related). For more about these two please see our Services page or contact us.

Looking for the Maine Department of Education’s statewide school security assessment report?

Twenty Simple Strategies to Safer and More Effective Schools

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