Innocent Targets – When Terrorism Comes to School

presented by Michael Dorn or Chris Dorn

Typical presentation time is one to three hours

This practical and fact based presentation is based on the presenter’s extensive research, formal training and two years of full-time state government homeland security experience.  This session will help dispel the alarmist disinformation so prevalent in our society regarding this emotional topic.  The session will provide practical antiterrorism actions steps to help schools and their public safety partners.   Based on the book that is the standard reference guide on the topic for universities as well as for state and federal government homeland security agencies, this session will help law enforcement agencies focus their prevention and response measures more effectively.

Intended audiences:

  •     School administrators
  •     School security officers
  •     Public safety personnel involved with school safety
  •     School board members and elected officials

“Innocent Targets – When Terrorism Comes to School brings clarity and reason to a topic few people see clearly – and most people don’t want to consider.  Michael and Chris Dorn have done the nation an important service.”

    Gavin De Becker
Captain L.A.P.D. (Retired). Best selling author of The Gift of Fear

Materials that go well with this presentation:

Innocent Targets: When Terrorism Comes to School (Book)

Secrets of the Weapons Violator Exposed (DVD)

Jane’s Safe Schools Planning Guide for All Hazards (out of stock)