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About Our School Safety Video Production Team

All of our crew members have extensive experience working in schools across the country.  Our on-site personnel each have more than a thousand hours of experience working with schools in some form of photography or videography.  This means we understand the specific needs of schools during the production process and we are able to minimize disruption to the learning environment while still providing a high quality customized end product. While many video production companies are good at taking over a school and turning it into a movie set, we focus on getting the footage we need while disturbing as small a part of the school population as possible.

Our mission

As a division of Safe Havens International, we operate under the same non-profit mentality that has made safe havens the most trusted and affordable vendor in the field of K-12 school safety.  Our video projects consistently deliver an unparalleled value, both by dollar amount and project implementation and sustainability.  To put this in numbers, according to industry standards a video production is considered ‘low budget’ when production costs are under $700 per minute of finished video.  Our production costs for a custom video project for a school district generally average under $400 per finished minute of video.  Our projects typically cost 50% to 70% less than they would if completed by a private video production company.
Our Equipment

While we are a ‘low budget’ operation to meet our non-profit mission, we try to stay on the cutting edge of video production equipment, methodology and techniques.  Whether it’s using equipment – like digital SLRs, a steadycam, camera crane or an elaborate lighting setup – or using the latest video editing and design software, we work hard to provide a high production value and “watchability” to each of our videos while maintaining an unmatched level of technical accuracy.  To keep our costs down while allowing us to provide high quality end products, we complete almost every aspect of production in-house, from scripting & production to post production and cover design.

We Support Local Businesses

Video production is an expense-intensive process.  While a portion of the cost of our projects go towards employee salaries and overhead, a large portion of our fee for on-site video production is dedicated to expenses in the client’s locality. For these expenditures – things like hotels, meals, catering on the set and incidentals – we strive to focus our purchasing on locally owned and operated businesses.  While this percentage will vary depending on the client location and feasibility, as an example of an actual project, during our yearlong project working with the Lincoln County School District in Oregon, more than 75% of on-site expenditures stayed with local businesses.

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Chris Dorn
Director, Safe Havens Video


Services we provide

  • Onsite video production
  • Offsite/stock video production
  • Script consulting
  • Production consulting and project evaluation (to help you work with your video production team or vendor)
  • Training videos (available in our web store)
  • Web courses and course content
  • Video blogs
  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for school stakeholders

Here are some of the school districts we have produced custom video projects for:

  • Washington County School District (St. George, Utah)
  • Marion County Public Schools (Ocala, Florida)
  • Lincoln County School District (Newport, Oregon)
  • Indianapolis Public Schools (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  • Waukegan Public Schools (Waukegan, Illinois)
  • Evansville-Vanderburgh School Corporation (Evansville, Indiana)
  • Hawaii Department of Education (Honolulu, Hawaii)
  • Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Center for Safe Schools (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  • Glynn County School System (Brunswick, Georgia)
  • Chesterfield County Public Schools (Richmond, Virginia)
  • Rockdale County Public Schools (Conyers, Georgia)
  • The Appalachian Consortium for Safe Schools (Hickory, North Carolina)
  • The Western North Carolina Consortium for Safe Schools (Asheville, North Carolina)