School Safety Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

presented by Michael Dorn, Dr. Shepherd, Russell Bentley or Chris Dorn

Typical presentation time from one to four hours

 This dynamic, fast paced, informative and fascinating session will help dispel many of common the school safety myths that dominate the American media and popular perception of school staff, students and parents. Attendees will hear a brief historical overview of major school safety incidents followed by tangible and practical real world action steps to make school a safer place where children can learn more effectively. This session will demonstrate that problems with safety, discipline and order directly affect test scores using a fact based rather than a fear based approach to school safety.

Intended audiences:

  • School administrators
  • Teachers
  • School support staff
  • Public safety personnel involved with school safety
  • School board members and elected officials
  • Parents
  • Student government groups

“Michael Dorn’s standing ovation keynote presentation for the 2005 North Carolina D.A.R.E. Officer’s Association was powerful.  His extensive work with my school district and community has had a profound impact on the safety of children in Jones County Schools.”

Chief Shawn Williams
Jones County North Carolina Public Schools Police Department