Dream Catchers – Succeeding and Surviving in the Helping Professions

presented by Michael Dorn

Typical presentation time is one hour


This presentation explores the ways educators, law enforcement officers, emergency managers, mental health professionals, nurses, fire service professionals and others who choose to serve our society can do their very best in serving others while taking care of their own families, health, and emotional well being.  This session is designed to be presented after an audience has already heard Weakfish – Bullying Through the Eyes of a Child.  A modified version can be presented to student groups as well.

Intended audiences:

  • School administrators
  • Teachers
  • School support staff
  • Public safety personnel involved with school safety
  • School board members and elected officials
  • Parents
  • Student government groups

“Michael’s ability to connect with students, faculty and staff is remarkable.  His presentation conveys a caring, compassionate and sincere connection to every member of his audience.  Michael’s concern for the safety of students is genuine.  Michael Dorn is the best provider of inspiration and motivation that I have witnessed in my 30 years in education.”          

Dr. Jerrill Vandeventer
The Greater Jasper Schools Corporation
Jasper, Indiana