The Last Straw – Warning Signs of Destructive Youth Behaviors and Multidisciplinary Threat Assessment

presented by Michael Dorn or Russell Bentley

Taught from a practitioner’s viewpoint for practitioners, this practical session outlines the early and imminent warning signs of destructive youth behaviors, intervention techniques and the highly proven concept of multidisciplinary threat assessment developed by the presenter and his colleagues in a Georgia public school system where they were utilized to successfully avert a number of planned school shootings, a bombing and a planned double suicide.

Intended audiences:

  •     School administrators
  •     Teachers
  •     School support staff
  •     School mental health professionals
  •     School nurses
  •     School security officers
  •     Public safety personnel involved with school safety
  •     School board members and elected officials
  •     Parents

“Michael’s reality-based presentation spurred our entire community to immediate action. Eyes wide open, all sectors are moving together toward a safer Montgomery County after having the opportunity to learn and grow from Michael’s teaching.  Dorn’s gift is facilitating community change.  He has an incredible ability to enlist every stakeholder.”

Kelly Trusty
Montgomery County A.H.E.A.D. Coalition, Inc, Indiana