Weapons Concealment and Detection

presented by Michael Dorn, Chris Dorn or Russell Bentley

Typical presentation time range from one to two hours


Starting with his well known concealed weapons demonstration, Michael Dorn will demonstrate not only how weapons are concealed by violators but how they can often be detected by the trained observer who is alert to the specific physical behaviors frequently exhibited by the gun violator.  Learn the techniques used by his officers to successfully avert three imminent planned school shootings as well as to recover numerous guns from gang members, drug dealers and fugitives.  Officers from Indiana to Israel have given this session high marks.

Intended audiences:

  •     School administrators
  •     School bus drivers
  •     Teachers
  •     School support staff
  •     Law enforcement officers
  •     School security personnel

“Michael Dorn is our nation’s top school safety expert. He offers a powerful and timely message.”

Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman
Best selling author of On Killing, and co-author Stop Teaching our Kids to Kill – a Call to Action Against TV, Movie and Video Game Violence.
Jonesboro, Arkansas