Permission to Live – Decision Making Under Stress

Can be presented by Michael Dorn or Russell Bentley

Typical presentation times range from one to four hours

This highly interactive and thought provoking session focuses on the core live saving actions that all educators should be familiar with and ready to implement while acting under extreme stress, compressed time spans and with directed or self directed actions. This session will utilize a series of realistic and fast paced video tabletop scenarios to create a degree of realistic stress to allow participants to practice the core life saving action steps they need to know to reduce danger to staff and the students they protect. Simple yet powerful techniques designed to improve mental performance under stress will also be covered.
Intended audiences:

  •     School administrators
  •     Teachers
  •     Custodial staff
  •     Reception and office staff
  •     School nutrition personnel
  •     Other support staff
  •     School security officers
  •     School law enforcement officers
  •     Public safety personnel involved with school safety
  •     School board members and elected officials
  •     Emergency management and homeland security professionals