Weakfish – Bullying through the Eyes of a Child

Can only be presented by Michael Dorn

Typical presentation time is 25 to 30 minutes but this presentation is best delivered in conjunction with other topics

This powerful and thought provoking presentation uses the case study of a real child who was chronically bullied in school to illustrate problems relating to problems that are not detected by or reported to adults who work with children. This presentation will also examine the critical role that educators, mental health professionals, law enforcement officers and others play as role models for children who face extreme challenges. This thought provoking and deeply touching topic can be customized to present to not only school staff, school administrator, student counselors but also to people whose job involves contacting with children.
Michael has presented this topic to numerous high and middle school student assemblies.

Intended audiences:

  • School administrators
  • Teachers
  • School support staff
  • School mental health personnel
  • Youth service organization personnel
  • Public safety personnel involved with school safety
  • School board members and elected officials
  • Parents
  • Student assemblies

Here are a few comments about Weakfish from experts in the field of child advocacy:

“Weakfish analyses a complex and pervasive societal problem through compelling storytelling and powerful insights.  A must for the youth service professional.”

    R. Leslie Nichols, AIA
Vice President
Boys and Girls Clubs of America
Atlanta, Georgia

“Weakfish evokes deep anger, tears of sorrow, and tears of triumph.  It is a powerful and timely message from one of our most respected experts on school safety.  It is a brilliant analysis of bullying and school safety, and a clarion call for action.”

    Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman
Best selling author of On Killing and co-author, Stop Teaching our Kids to Kill-a Call to Action Against TV, Movie and Video Game Violence.
Jonesboro, Arkansas

“Weakfish is a powerful, potent and life changing experience.  I have now heard the presentation three times and always find it to be an inspiring experience.”

    Bill Miller
Crisis/Threat Assessment Team Administrator
School Psychologist
Clark County School District
Las Vegas, Nevada


Materials that go well with this presentation:

Weakfish: Bullying Through the Eyes of a Child – 2nd Edition (Revised and Expanded)

Weakfish: Live presentation (DVD)

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