Our Team


In addition to our core staff, we have over 50 adjunct analysts based in that regularly serve on a variety of projects based on specific expertise, qualifications and availability.

Our Experience

Safe Havens International experts have more than a century of global experience working with schools to enhance safety, emergency preparedness and recovery capabilities. Our analysts have unparalleled full-time experience as practitioners, as well as advanced expertise, extensive formal training, dozens of advanced professional certifications and an unprecedented depth of technical knowledge. We are the only firm in the world with analysts who have full-time government school safety center experience as well as full-time government homeland security work experience and in all four phases of school crisis planning.

Safe Havens analysts have …

  • Worked with State and Federal Agencies involved in youth safety and thousands of national, state, local and regional entities across the United States and in a number of foreign countries.
  • Worked with more than two thousand schools, school systems and youth facilities.
  • Authored and co-authored hundreds of articles and more than twenty books on school safety, including the most influential school safety publications in print today.
  • Produced more school safety training videos than any other organization in the world. They are in use by more than 100,000 organizations in over 30 countries, including the FBI, FEMA, U.S. Secret Service, ATF, TSA, U.S. Department of Education, Texas Rangers, Israel Police and British intelligence and security services.
  • Was directly involved with the development of the United States Department of Education safe school planning model and the emergency operations planning templates for use by more than 3,000 Boys and Girls Club facilities worldwide.