Safe School Design

Standard course length: two days

Proper school design can dramatically improve safety and the perceptions of students, staff and parents regarding the safety of a school. Utilizing concepts such as first- and second-generation crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), Safe Havens experts can help reduce the cost of new facility construction and major renovation projects while helping our clients design and build more attractive, easy to supervise, secure and maintain schools while dramatically enhancing school climate.

Safe Havens analysts have trained thousands of architects, building planning team members, school facilities planning team members, law enforcement officers and facilities personnel on safe school design concepts. These training sessions combine interactive and interesting classroom instruction with practical field work to create a highly effective training methodology suited for architects, school administrators, school security and law enforcement personnel, school planning team members and others who are interested in reducing the cost of building projects while creating more attractive schools that provide a warm and welcoming climate while reducing the risk of crime and violence.

Intended audiences:

  • Architects
  • School administrators
  • School security and law enforcement personnel
  • School planning team members