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Tactical Site Survey Tool (PDF 92K)

School Climate Survey for Staff, Students and Parents (DOC 644K)

Bullying/School Climate Evaluation Resources

New linked resource: “How to Handle Bullying” guide from InformED

Safe Havens International did not assist in the creation of this information and we only provide this link as a resource that may be helpful to those who are being bullied or have children who are being bulled.  This is a good succinct summary of some of the ways to respond appropriately to bullying.

How to Handle Bullying (External link)

Bullying/School Climate Site Survey (22pp) (PDF, 193KB)

Student Tutorial for Bullying Site Survey (PDF, 10 MB)

Staff Tutorial for Bullying Site Survey (PDF, 10 MB) 

Student, Staff and Parent School Climate Surveys NEW!(.doc, 628 KB)