School Safety, Security, Climate, Culture and Emergency Preparedness Assessments

Many organizations offer school safety assessments, school security audits, emergency plan review and consulting.  Safe Havens International is the only organization to combine all of these components along with assessments of school climate, culture, as well as student supervision. This type of holistic approach can be an excellent way to improve school safety efforts while also enhancing the ability of teachers to teach and students to learn.  Safe Havens is known for providing practical and cost-effective assessment services done with sustainability in mind. While the outcome is dependent on the level of client engagement, our analysts come from a practitioner’s point of view. This means that our analysts are able to speak to an organization’s employees as a peer – from leadership to the line-level – and create long-lasting knowledge and buy-in that means the assessment will not end with the final report but will continue as a living process for years to come.

For more detailed information on our assessment process, visit our school safety assessment page.

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