Articles and Research Papers

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  • Relative Risks of Death in U.S. K-12 Schools (PDF 1.7MB) by Stephen Satterly, Jr.
  • School Safety Today: A review of recent approaches to safety and security in the field of K-12 Education in America (PDF 317K)
  • By Michael S. Dorn, Stephen Satterly, Jr., Phuong Dorn and Chris Dorn
  • Evaluating an Expert Witness for School Safety Cases (PDF 688K)
    By Michael S. Dorn, and Sue Ann Hartig, Esq.
  • Fight, Flight or Lockdown – Teaching Students and Staff to Attack Active Shooters could Result in Decreased Casualties or Needless Deaths (PDF 180K)
    By Michael S. Dorn and Stephen Satterly, Jr.
  • Four Phases All Hazards Planning for Schools (PDF 250K)
  • Business Continuity Planning for Schools (PDF 262KB)
  • Recovery Planning for Schools (PDF 262KB)
  • Bomb Threat Basics (6 pp): (PDF 155K)
  • School Bus Terrorism: A Practical Analysis with Implications for America’s Schools (PDF 66k)
  • Web-Based School Safety Training: (PDF 696K)
  • Connecting Students to the Place of School the Boys and Girls Clubs’ Way: (PDF 656K)
  • The Dangers of Target Identifiers: (PDF 652K)
  • Do U.S. Schools Lag Behind on Access Control?: (PDF 788K)
  • The Right Fit: (PDF 704K)
  • Avoiding Gridlock by “What If?”: (PDF 660K)
  • Prevention and Mitigation Planning: The First Phase of School Crisis Planning: (PDF 700K)
  • Effective Family Reunification Planning (PDF 708K)
  • School Safety in Vietnam  (PDF 728K)
  • Moving Forward With Campus Safety  (PDF 700K)