School violence averted by parents with a “Staying Alive” attitude

Campus Safety Magazine

A 17-year old student at Madison High School in San Antonio, TX was arrested after he brought three loaded guns and a knife to school.

His plan was to make demands during morning announcements, and to use violence if his demands were not met.  We do not currently have any information on what those demands might have been. 

Two loaded handguns and a knife were found in his backpack, and an AK-47 was found in a restroom.

The boy’s parents woke up and found the boy gone,and the weapons missing.  They contacted the school, who located and secured the boy.  The incident caused the school to be locked down for an hour.

Schools that create a trusting environment in their building will be more likely to receive such reports, and can act accordingly.  People with a “Staying Alive” attitude are not going to be dismissive of alarming information, and will alert others of danger.