Storm shows the importance of being ready to evacuate quickly

The critical evacuation of New York University Langone Medical center required transportation of all 215 patients at the hospital to other facilities on Monday evening after the main generator and then backup power failed. Nurses had to carry Neonatal Intensive Care babies through flights of stairs, several of which had to be manually pumped to be kept alive.  


“Dr. Andrew Brotman, senior vice president and vice dean for clinical affairs and strategy, told CNN the immense flooding took them by surprise. During Hurricane Irene, the hospital, which sits near the East River, was evacuated. But only one building flooded with two feet of water. Monday, seven buildings took in water.

“Things went downhill very, very rapidly and very unexpectedly,” Brotman told CNN. “The flooding was just unprecedented.”

CBS reports that the hospital’s main generator failed and so did it’s secondary backup.”