Minnesota School Terror Plot Uncovered

Fox News

A 17-year old student in Waseca, MN was arrested after being found in a storage unit filled with bomb-making materials.  The subsequent investigation revealed a a horrific plot to kill his family, then attack the junior and senior high school.

The student had a 180-page notebook with detailed plans, seven weapons, ammunition, three working explosive devices, black clothing and a ski mask.

The investigation began in late March when three small explosive devices were found on an elementary school playground.  The break came when a concerned citizen noticed a “suspiciousperson at a storage facility and called the police.

This is clearly a win for the “see something say something” mentality we need today to stay alive.  Law enforcement agencies need the help of concerned citizens to alert them of potential problems.  Police officers would rather investigate a report like this than to respond to a school with mass casualties.

Kudos to the anonymous citizen who exhibited a “Staying Alive” attitude!