Guns in schools, how will this work?

School Safety Experts Blog

Over twenty teachers and staff have been provided over fifty hours of law enforcement training, and a voucher for them to purchase a firearm to carry in school.  The superintendent of the Clarksville School System took this step to increase school safety.

This approach to school safety should be fully discussed before implementation.  Such a discussion is a “hot button” topic these days.

Staying Alive: How to act fast and survive deadly encounters will be released next spring by Barron’s Educational Series.  There is a full chapter called Is it logical for you to carry?  Various non-armed ways to protect yourself are covered as are the various concerns for carrying a weapon.

In its most basic form, safety begins with the individual.  If the individual is not safe, then the group cannot be safe.  Thus, learning to protect yourself is the building block for keeping your home, your workplace, or your school safe.