School Crisis Plans


Our analysts can work closely with your staff and area public safety and emergency management representatives to help you develop tailored all-hazards four-phase school crisis plans, as recommended by the U.S.D.O.E. Safe Havens was the first firm in the field to base our school crisis development plan development work on evidence and assessment based approaches combined with a national level assessment process and forensic analysis of major school crisis events. We base our work methodologies not only on extensive research on the powerful effects of life and death stress on human performance, but also on extensive forensic reviews of major school crisis events for court as well as an exhaustive three year assessment project covering fourteen public school districts with more than 1,700 structured and tabulated school crisis simulations to measure the performance of individual school personnel.

For campus organizations with a limited budget, Safe Havens can provide a detailed and comprehensive off-site school safety plan evaluation to help spot gaps in planning. While not as thorough as a combined off-site and on-site evaluation, our off-site reviews are extremely detailed with findings delivered via comprehensive written as well as via professionally filmed and edited video consulting reports available as options for clients.