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Michael Dorn serves as the Executive Director of Safe Havens International, a non-profit school safety center. The author of 27 books on school safety, Michael’s campus safety work has taken him to 11 countries over the past 34 years.

Navigate Prepared Sponsors Free School Safety Summits

Navigate Prepared Sponsors Free School Safety Summits

I am honored to have been selected to keynote eight free school safety summits in Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania this September and October. These summits were sponsored by Navigate Prepared to better serve their many school district clients in these states and to provide a free resource to school districts who are not clients. I keynoted a series of similar school safety summits in Ohio and Pennsylvania last year and we had excellent feedback. Navigate Prepared received a number of requests from attendees for Navigate Prepared to host summits in their communities as well as requests to bring the summits to New York. The summits are focused on ways to improve emergency preparedness for schools. This year’s seminars will include updated information on emerging threats such as acid “dosing” attacks and new school emergency preparedness technology tools.


One feature of the summits that has been extremely well-received involves splitting the attendees into groups and conducting school safety, security and emergency preparedness walk through tours at the schools hosting the events after lunch. These school safety seminars have attracted diverse audiences including a variety of types of school and public safety officials. I have been particularly impressed to see a number of school superintendents take the time from their busy schedules to attend. I have also been impressed that attendees have traveled from other states to attend the summits.


I look forward to these exciting events.




Does Your Options-Based Active Shooter Training Meet the Standard of Care?

Active shooter training programs

Options-based active shooter training programs.

This article was recently published in College Planning and Management Magazine. Though written for a higher education audience, most if not all of the principals I described would be relevant for options-based active shooter training programs for K12 schools as well. Non-public schools should take extra care in implementing options-based active shooter training programs as they lack qualified immunity and are subject to OSHA regulations that prohibit exposing trainees to danger from injury. Safe Havens International analysts have received many complaints from school and police officials regarding injury during options-based active shooter training programs, with at least one school employee who reported being permanently disabled when his arm was crushed during a training session. The individual I spoke to stated that he still has no use of one arm though he has been through a series of five surgical procedures. He also told me that three people in his training session had to be hospitalized for injuries received during the training session.

While options-based active shooter training programs have become fairly popular, they have also been highly controversial. Currently, there are no options-based active shooter training programs that have been validated as effective. Of considerable concern, these programs are often marketed as being “best practice” which could create a significant burden should an organization have to prove that the training program meets this definition during litigation..

Our next book Preventing and Preparing for Active Shooter, Active Killer, Hate Crimes and Terrorist Attacks contains a detailed chapter on the development of effective and court-defensible training concepts for active shooter incidents.

The complete article Training for the Unthinkable – Does Your Options-Based Active Shooter Training Approach Meet Standards of Care? at: https://webcpm.com/Articles/2017/06/01/Active-Shooter-Training.aspx


Preventing Grooming, Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct in Schools

School Planning and Management Magazine recently published a feature article I submitted several months back. The article – Preventing Grooming, Sexual Assault and Sexual Misconduct in Schools is focused on concepts that school officials can use to reduce the chances that these tragic situations will occur. While the field of K12 education has made tremendous progress in this area, there are still opportunities for improvement in the way schools are designed and operated. This article focuses on design concepts, security technologies, and increased awareness that can help prevent these types of incidents.

The article can be accessed on the School Planning and Management website at: https://webspm.com/Articles/2017/06/01/Sexual-Assault.aspx