Bristol School Safety Subject of Parent Email

Bristol School Safety

In light of recent threats on various campuses, the city’s superintendent sent an email top his stakeholders, outlining the various measures the district was taking to maintain Bristol school safety.

These measures included increased police surveillance, video camera surveillance, established evacuation and lockdown procedures, locked entrances at all schools, safety officials and services in each building, assemblies and meetings to discuss safety and security, mandatory sign-in and out procedures for students, and the mandated use of staff ID badges and student passes.

Bristol Schools received 8 threats in an 10 day period. An arrest was made of three students, a 13-year old and two 10-year olds for one of the more recent threats.


It appears that the superintendent is taking the correct steps in addressing the situation, including communicating with his stakeholders on the nature of the problem, and the steps the schools are taking to address the issue.  It also seems that there is good coordination between the schools and first responders.

When the issue has been resolved, it would do the schools well to examine their climates and cultures.  There may be nothing wrong with the climates in their schools, but something has led to this rash of threats.  Whether it is a student feeling a sense of injustice, or trying to get out of classes at the end of the year, the school should try to identify the causes and address them, or they may find themselves facing this situation again.

Anytime there is a school safety issue in a school, take immediate steps to remedy the symptoms, but don’t forget to analyze the issue and identify the root cause.  This often requires taking an honest look at yourself, and so people often avoid this step.  Don’t.  The safety of children is no place for bruised egos.


Student Handcuffed in School

Student Handcuffed

At an elementary school in Canada, a nine-year old student started acting wildly out-of-control.  In fact, the principal told the parents by phone that he was “acting out and holding people hostage”.  The boy had gotten a hold of hockey sticks, and was in the hallways swinging them at his fellow students and staff.  He then walked outside, whereupon the school went into lockdown, and the police were called.

The police found the boy at the front entrance kicking and hitting the door, and the student was handcuffed to prevent him from injuring himself. According to the boy’s mother, he has mental issues and is on medication.  She says the school had just put a plan into place to help her son, including bringing in a youth worker who specializes in physically combative children.


School Robbery and Assault

School Robbery and Assault

Four suspects assaulted and robbed students in two schools, Citrus Grove Middle School and Miami Senior High School.  At both schools, the suspects attacked and beat up students, then took their cell phones.  The police tracked the four down by the make of the car they were using, which was stolen.  When they pulled the car over, they arrested the driver, while the others ran.  The rest were found hiding in a house, and were then arrested.

The assaults occurred both in a school hallway and on an outdoor basketball court.  Schools are gathering places for students both before and after school.  Schools can work with local law enforcement to beef up patrols around schools during these critical times.