School district personnel threatened by students

Milton, VT

Two 17-year old students at Milton High School were arrested and charged with threatening to shoot two administrators, and sexually assaulting then shooting a teacher, as well as threatening to shoot another teacher at Burlington Technical Center.

The threats were discovered on one of the boy’s Facebook pages during an investigation into an armed robbery.

An excerpt from the Facebook page, which contained the names of the targeted educators, read, “Wanna get caught for fun tomorrow? Bring a gun to school ok?” said one of the boys.

The other replied, “I’m down. Lets shoot up the school?”

After voicing threats on a school bus, a student is removed in handcuffs

Fort Wayne. IN

A student on a school bus threatened to bring a gun to Northrop High School.  He was taken off the bus in handcuffs.

Police say that such threats are more common than you would think.

6 children wounded, principal killed in grenade attack in Pakistan

Karachi, Pakistan

A school in southern Pakistan was attacked by a man with a gun and hand grenades.  The attacker killed the school principal and wounded six children.

The principal was in the process of passing out exam results when the attack occurred.