School Kidnapping Case Ends in Sentence

School Kidnapping

The boy who kidnapped a girl from Varina High School at gunpoint was sentenced to five years in prison.  The boy kidnapped the girl from the high school parking lot by showing her the gun.  He held her captive in a home for hours until she managed to escape.  He plead no contest to charges of brandishing a firearm near a school.  He was sentenced to five years, but the judge suspended four years and seven months of the sentence.

school kidnapping victim

School Kidnapping Analysis

Kidnappings from school are rare, but as a recent case in Philadelphia showed, can be a high-impact event.  The most recent case has the added dimension of occurring in the school parking lot.  This adds an additional factor making it more difficult for which to prepare.  There are some factors that schools can take a look at to improve their children’s security in and out of school buildings.

School Kidnapping Prevention – Access Control

The easiest way for schools to protect children is to limit access to their school to those people with legitimate purposes.   This is done by developing protocols and procedures that screen those who enter, checking them against a database of authorized people.  Of course, these are only as good as the people who implement them, so training and accountability are a must.  High schools with parking lots can be monitored for out-of-the-ordinary behaviors, providing the school, and law enforcement, with early warning and information that may help with the investigation.

School Kidnapping Prevention – Climate Control

Schools that have a climate in which teachers, students and parents have developed trusting relationships make it easier to see when trouble is developing.  It is possible that a girl who is having trouble with a young man will tell a trusted adult.  Even if the kidnapping occurs, there may be information the trusted adult can give law enforcement that can get them to where they need to be.

School kidnappings need not occur.  By developing good school climates and tighter access controls, schools can lower the probability that a kidnapping will occur at their school.

School district personnel threatened by students

Milton, VT

Two 17-year old students at Milton High School were arrested and charged with threatening to shoot two administrators, and sexually assaulting then shooting a teacher, as well as threatening to shoot another teacher at Burlington Technical Center.

The threats were discovered on one of the boy’s Facebook pages during an investigation into an armed robbery.

An excerpt from the Facebook page, which contained the names of the targeted educators, read, “Wanna get caught for fun tomorrow? Bring a gun to school ok?” said one of the boys.

The other replied, “I’m down. Lets shoot up the school?”

After voicing threats on a school bus, a student is removed in handcuffs

Fort Wayne. IN

A student on a school bus threatened to bring a gun to Northrop High School.  He was taken off the bus in handcuffs.

Police say that such threats are more common than you would think.