School Safety Tips by Dr. Sonayia Shepherd

Anyone can promote safety in school. While school safety assessments are important, maintaining a safety and orderly environment is everyone’s job and should be included in daily routines. The following points are great ways to promote safety in your school.

  • Create effective student supervision
  • Maintain the school in good physical condition
  • Evaluate school safety
  • Reward students for appropriate behavior
  • Enforce consequences for inappropriate behavior
  • Set clear rules and standards
  • Provide consistent sanctions for infractions
  • Use contracts with students to reinforce behavioral expectations
  • Post behavioral policies on bulletin boards; periodically announce them over the public address system
  • Initiate anti-bullying, conflict resolution and peer mediation programs
  • Engage students, staff and parents in planning school safety activities
  • Increase number and accessibility of counselors, social workers, and mentors
  • Make sure that staff members are present and supervising students throughout the school building including hallways and bathrooms
  • Create anonymous tip lines or suggestion boxes for reporting potentially dangerous situations or providing ideas to improve school climate
  • Provide more in-school options to “blow off steam”
  • Develop strategies to promote safety during lunch periods, at recess and between classes; provide more structured activities during lunch hour
  • Provide accommodation or time-out rooms throughout the day
  • Provide in-school suspension programs with academic supports and consistent staffing
  • Develop a school safety plan

We hope you find these school safety tips to be helpful.

Dr. Sonayia Shepherd (Sony) is the Chief Operating Officer of Safe Havens International.  The author of 16 books on school safety and emergency management, Sony’s work has taken her to many countries including Switzerland, Thailand, Indonesia, Haiti, Guatemala, Angola, South Africa and India.

A popular keynote speaker, Dr. Shepherd has presented at numerous state, national and international professional conferences and many individual school districts across the nation.  Sony welcomes reader feedback and questions at