Eight Victims Stabbed in Canadian School

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School Violence in Canada

The attack occurred at Dunbarton High School. Like their U.S. counterparts, Canadian K12 schools have experienced significant problems with violence in recent decades. Canadian schools have experienced a number of shootings, edged weapons attacks and other acts of violence in relation to the nation’s population of approximately 36 million. With a population of 223 million people, acts of violence in U.S. schools, it is difficult to contrast American rates of school violence with countries that do not tally school homicide in the same manner as U.S. schools where school mandatory reporting of school homicide data has been in place since the late 1990’s.

School Violence Abroad

In our work in Canada, we have found that while the nation has lower per capita homicide rates overall than the United States, Canadian schools often face similar concerns relating to school violence, weapons incidents and gang activity. Safe Havens has been receiving an increasing number of requests for assistance from schools in other countries in the past two years.   Typically, our overseas clients have been concerned with school shootings, edged weapons assaults and acts of terrorism. While many Americans perceive mass casualty school attacks to be a problem unique to U.S. schools, our experience has been that school and public safety officials have been concerned about school weapons attacks in every country where we have worked.

Suspect Arrested for Child Abduction Tried Taking Home Other Kids Before

Milwaukee, WI

We’re learning more about the woman accused of abducting a child from a Milwaukee school.

The questions are swirling around Starms Early Childhood Center.  TODAY’S TMJ4 has identified the name of the suspect and TODAY’S TMJ4 is beginning to learn more about how she made her move.

As four-year-old Charity recovers from an abduction, her mom, Paula, is amazed at how this could have happened.

Witnesses saw 33-year-old Lisa Isaac walk into school and take her baby girl, while mom waited in an office just feet away.  “I waited for her a while and she never came, and the teacher came down and said that she had left with a lady with a curly wig, and said I told her to pick her up,” said Paula.

Milwaukee Public Schools Communications Director Roseanne St. Aubin told TODAY’S TMJ4 extra security staff has been added to the center.  She maintains Isaac snuck into school with daycare van drivers and snatched the girl.

“That little girl was passing close to that group of people, and the woman took her,” said Roseann St. Aubin.

Staffers at the Evans Academy of Excellence, a nearby daycare, told TODAY’S TMJ4 the woman came in twice, trying to take a child home.