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Coming Soon – School Terrorism Web Courses

Photograph taken during filming of the first 30 seconds, weapon scenarios. - See more at:

Photograph taken during filming of the first 30 seconds, weapon scenarios. – See more at:

Safe Havens Analysts Authoring School Terrorism Web Courses

Last year, Safe Havens agreed to author a series of web courses on terrorism prevention and preparedness for Scenario Learning Incorporated.  Safe Havens analysts have authored a number of school safety web courses for Scenario Learning, including the six recently released active shooter web courses for K12, colleges, and work places.  We have also authored an active shooter course for students at institutions of higher learning.


Comprehensive Topical Coverage

Scenario Learning now offers more than 300 courses for the K12 sector and adds new course offerings each year.  Scheduled for draft completion in January 2016 the six new terrorism prevention and preparedness courses are based on the book Innocent Targets When Terrorism Comes to School, which is now in its eight print run, as well as our experience working with schools in terrorism prone regions such as Nigeria and Kenya.  In light of the recent series of terrorist attacks and thwarted attacks globally, Safe Havens and Scenario Learning will be completing the courses well ahead of the original publication date.  We had discussed and planned for this possibility more than six months ago.

School Terrorism Web Courses Authoring and Editing

Safe Havens is honored to be selected to author these School Terrorism Web courses which are sadly now very timely. Feedback from our clients and from insurance carriers about Scenario Learning has been excellent.  The short time format of the awareness level courses, combined with excellent tracking capability, low cost, ability for school officials to create custom web courses and features that allow school officials to document the distribution of critical policies and crisis plan components, have been very popular with dozens of our clients.   Our authoring team has been working closely with the Scenario Learning Companies editorial team to produce accurate, concise, actionable and informative courses on these relevant topics.


Full Disclosure

Safe Havens does not receive any form of royalties; our analysts author courses for Scenario Learning for a one-time nominal fee.   While our analysts can generate far more revenue through other forms of service delivery, we have found the approach utilized by Scenario Learning Incorporated to be highly practical for our clients.  Safe Havens never accepts any form of monetary compensation for recommending any product or service.

In Self Defense – Should You Carry A Gun – Safe Havens International Releases a Powerful New Video

As more than 75 million people now keep or carry a gun for self-defense in the United States, we felt that an important chapter in our new book Staying Alive – How to Act Fast and Survive Deadly Encounters should focus on important considerations for people who are considering such an important life choice.  This is especially true since some states have now made it possible for school employees with concealed carry permits to carry firearms on school property.

Our purpose for this chapter is not to engage in the gun control debate.  Instead, the premise of the chapter is that regardless of how any of us feel about the issue individually, the fact is that Gallup polls show that nearly one out of every four adults in the United States keeps a gun for self-defense or carries a gun to protect themselves and others.  With this reality in mind, we feel that it is critical that people who are thinking about keeping or carrying a gun for self-defense consider some extremely important points.  The award winning Safe Havens International video crew has produced a dozen new free training videos in the Staying Alive – How to Act Fast and Survive Deadly Encounters series.  They have produced two videos of different lengths that examine considerations for carrying a gun.  The latest video went live this morning and is titled In Self Defense – Should You Carry a Gun?   

In Self-Defense – Should You Carry a Gun? is a powerful and concise three and a half minute video to introduce people to the chapter in Staying  Alive – How to Act Fast and Survive Deadly Encounters relating to this important topic.   We want to see this and the other videos from the series in wide circulation and appreciate the efforts of readers to share the link to this amazing video.



Staying Alive – How to Act Fast and Survive Deadly Encounters is already out on Amazon where it is also available for Kindle.

Free School Safety Videos – What are Functional Protocols?

Free School Safety Videos

Our team at Safe Havens International has been working hard this year to produce a number of new series of free school safety videos that can be used to learn more about school safety basics and help train school staff.  The latest school safety videos in the “Ask Safe Havens” video series provides a definition for incident specific protocols and functional protocols, two of the most basic concepts in school crisis planning

The school security experts at Safe Havens have worked closely with our award-winning video crew to develop these concise but informative school safety videos designed to help answer some of the most commonly asked questions.  Submit your questions or topics that you would like to see addressed in future video podcasts by sending us a message on our contact form.  There are currently over 30 episodes in the series and we have had a great response so far, with some videos quickly reaching over 10,000 views.

This series was produced by Safe Havens Video, the most experienced school safety video crew in the world.  Our crew has produced custom school safety videos as part of training projects for more than a dozen school districts and educational consortiums around the country and several produced for state departments of education.  We decided to create this web series in our spare time to answer the questions we hear from educators, parents and students around the country when it comes to school safety.  As the world’s only video production unit dedicated to creating school safety videos, we have an extensive library of footage of real and simulated school crisis events from around the world.  Our school safety videos have won Telly Awards, a W3 award for excellent web video and have been used by national news networks including ABC’s 20/20.

Functional protocols (Ask Safe Havens) from Safe Havens International on Vimeo.

Incident Specific Protocols (Ask Safe Havens) from Safe Havens International on Vimeo.