Training at the Speed of Life by Kenneth R. Murray – an Excellent Book for those who are Interested in Understanding how to Train People for Life and Death Decision-Making

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman was kind enough to send me a copy of Kenneth R. Murray’s excellent book on law enforcement and military training concepts.   Though the book is obviously focused on this type of audience, I feel that school emergency preparedness practitioners and experts can benefit from the concepts that are so thoughtfully articulate by the author. 

Training at the Speed of Life is a superb book for those who want to better understand how to prepare people for crisis decision making.

Please Stop Laughing at Me – One Woman’s Inspirational Story by Jodee Blanco is a Powerful Book about School Bullying by Girls

After several of my clients recommended the book I read Jodee Blanco’s Please Stop Laughing at Me – One Woman’s Inspirational Story a few years ago.  I found the book to be a powerful and insightful story that can help us understand some of the negative dynamics of school bullying, particularly bullying involving female students.

Like my book Weakfish – Bullying Through the Eyes of a Child, this book uses the experiences of the author to help the reader understand what it can be like to experience and to overcome severe bullying.  I have often recommended this book for student reading assignments geared to helping students learn empathy for others who experience bullying.

Jane’s Chemical-Biological Defense Guidebook is still a Frightening but Informative Read

I first read the Jane’s Chemical-Biological Defense Guidebook in more than ten years ago while working on a book series for the renowned security, defense and intelligence publisher.  They gave copies of the then $2,000 book to each of us on the co-authoring team to give us a better idea of what they needed us to write in the Jane’s Safe School Planning Guide for All Hazards. 

The book details how a wide array of chemical and biological attacks have and can be carried out and the sometimes highly developed preparedness capabilities are needed to respond to such attacks properly.  The Jane’s editing process and team is exceedingly picky which is why their books are so highly regarded in military, intelligence, homeland security and public safety circles.  This book is definitely among the most detailed works ever published on these important topics.